about Babetta

My Life

Babetta Lanzilli was born and raised in Hollywood, California, At the age of 18 she left for New York and worked as a model for three years. Shortly after that, she returned to Los Angeles and opened The Sorcerer's Shop of Witchcraft and Magic. For 28 years the Sorcerer's Shop was the center for learning and expertise in all fields of metaphysics and the esoteric. Babetta designed spells specifically in the areas of love and wealth and success. As owner, she taught classes in Wicca and Magic to the general public as well as privately and remains a leader of witches throughout the area.

Babetta with sword, performing a ritual in Japan

In the late 1970's Babetta was cast in wax for the Hollywood Wax Museum and performed an Opening Ritual in which she banished all Demonology from the Craft. The Witch in Wax occupied center stage for over ten years.

Babetta was the first one to pioneer the occult, specifically Wicca and Magic, into Japan through magazine articles. She was next invited as a personal guest of the Japanese to create television shows, do personal interviews and create and lead rituals on the subject of Wicca. Through these various venues, she brought the power and magic of Wicca directly to the Japanese people. As a result, the first store of Wicca was opened, carrying supplies from The Sorcerer's Shop.

Babetta in Penthouse magazine

Babetta and her store have also been a featured in Penthouse Magazine. She has produced many shows on Wicca and Magic for the local cable stations. She has appeared as a guest on Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin , and Regis Philbin among others. She has been heard on KIEV Radio doing psychic readings for callers. She has lectured in colleges and high schools throughout the Southland. She has been a frequent consultant for movies and television shows such as Starsky and Hutch and Hunter. She has been called as an expert witness by the Los Angeles Superior Court to testify on behalf of the Craft as a positive influence in our society.

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