about Babetta

The Sorcerer's Shop

In 1971, I opened the Sorcerer's Shop in West Hollywood, which I founded with my partner, Dennis Moore, for 28 years.

Babetta and Dennis performing a ritual in Japan

We were one of the first to pioneer magic and metaphysics to the general public, in an effort to change and empower people with their own imagery for doing things for themselves.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. There is a crucial difference between the pleasure of getting something you want and the inner joy that empowers you to go after it in the first place. The first is an effect, while the second is the cause.

Babetta at the Sorcerer's Shop by the alter

Our philosophy was always that many people lived in a very restricted circle of potential being, often because they have accepted a limited vision of what they are capable of. They routinely ignore their strengths and follow their weaknesses. May people have the instinct to do nothing, to stay put, to chose security over challenge, to follow he herd, and to accept that second rate is often stronger than the drive to truly get the most out of life.

This is why affirmations help in changing what most people feel they have no power over. Change your consciousness to change your world. Change your consciousness to change your life. Whatever you seek to change, you must begin within yourself first.

Babetta and Dennis at the Sorcerer's Shop by the alter

The best way to do this is through creative visualization, to see an end result in your mind, to use the power of psychic energy to connect with other energies and draw them to you. Pictures in the mind are power. People don't lack strength, they lack will.

End depression by eliminating regret, resentment and anger, which you hide. Living life joyfully is the process by which you will discard what you can't use for your new growth. Prayer and/or meditation are needed moments of tranquility that are so important for your transformation to take place. Creating your own ideals will awaken the creative side of your consciousness, from where all things are possible. In many cases, what one can't do is based on their inability to try. Give yourself credit, not excuses. The most important element in your new way of life is change; transformation towards the new you, and what you want.

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