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When you are Universal or Columbia studios and need accurate technical advice on Witchcraft, where do you go? Up until a few years ago you just played it by ear; thunder, lightning and creaking doors. Now, however, with the current interest in the occult, many television viewers won't buy run-of-the-mill screenwriter hocum about Witchcraft. The problem was solved by Babetta, a modern day practitioner of the world's oldest religion.

Babetta holding golden chalice

Babetta is determined to break the erroneous folk idea of Witchcraft as being connected with Satanism. "Witchcraft", explains Babetta, "is a natural religion of the earth having no relationship at all with Satanism or devil worship. The church created this myth in the Middle Ages to discredit competition. My religion is concerned with spirituality but also with the affirmation of life and maximizing the potential of the individual to cope with here and now living. A strong closeness with nature is the central core of the 'Craft.' This was actually my prime motivation for doing the technical advice so that the truth about Witchcraft could be seen without the constant negative treatment it is given."

Babetta on the cover of 'Twilight Zone' magazine, Japan
Babetta in Twilight Zone Magazine Japan

Babetta in 'Twilight Zone' magazine, Japan Babetta has appeared on the following TV shows:
  • The Tonite Show with Johnny Carson
  • The Merv Griffin Show
  • The Regis Philbin Show
  • The Tomorrow Show
  • and others...

She has been a consultant for movies and TV shows such as:

  • Starsky and Hutch
  • Hunter
  • and others...

She has been written about in:

  • Cosmopolitan
  • Penthouse
  • U.S. News and World Report
  • and others...
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