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How Spells Work

Welcome to the world of Spells & Magic! I will show you how to part the veil between the known and unknown, the seen and the unseen reality that is magic. Those who choose to live by their own creative imagery have already taken the first steps in a spiritual path to mastering their own destiny. Over time, we have neglected or buried these gifts deep within the subconscious.

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Spells are an extension of our own psychic. A spell is a word, a formula, a ritual that attains a desired result. A Spell is an "Instant Miracle", a positive way to accomplish your objectives. To a greater or lesser degree, everyone possesses these latent powers. So in the search for the magic of the self, we are all one. Exploring the self requires that we seek to find out what we can do. Some people will find out that they are better at one form of spellcasting than another. It is, after all, the magical power of the mind which accomplishes the true sorcery that is found in spells. I offer my wisdom, spells and psychic readings to all who believe in the magic of peaceful interaction with nature and the higher universal forces...

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Those who can see the invisible can do the impossible! Take control of your destiny!

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