What is Real Wicca Philosophy?

Wicca is a philosophy dedicated to assisting each individual in becoming a positive, creative force in his/her life. Through an understanding that every person has a right and a reason to be here. Freedom of thought and choice are encouraged. Only through free thought and choice can one begin to find his/her true place in the universe and hence be a positive, dynamic, creative force in life.

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Whitchcraft the "old Religion" or Wicca is thought. Wicca is the original human potential development system. Tracing its ancestry back almost 45,000 years. Wicca is a philosophy of attunement and harmony with nature. Through the use of natural implements and understanding natural cycles one can gain knowledge of one's self. Wicca is essentially positive metaphysics using tools.

Wicca means a wise person. To be wise means that one has knowledge (of nature) and uses that knowledge with discretion. For the main rede or teaching of Wicca is: "An' that ye harm none, do what ye will."

Wicca is a philosophy which teaches that each person is responsible for his/her life. Whatever happens to us occurs in one's life is of the creation of that individual. Through an understanding of the universal law of karma each person can affect his/her life and bring about changes in personal living experiences. Through meditation, visualization and affirmation techniques coupled with the use of candles, incenses and oils this change is brought about. It is important that each person take the responsibility, make the positive changes and pass the wisdom gained through the experiences on to those who are worthy.

Each person who intends to participate in Wicca must be one who is willing to work in order to change his/her life's experience. This individual must take responsibility as well as commitment seriously. He or she must be both student and teacher: a student in that all life is a learning experience and a teacher in that these experiences, which have taught well, and this information can be given to those coming up.

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It is important that an individual who wishes to participate in Wicca be one who thinks, reasons and acts in a manner which is in harmony with a life-ward philosophy. Those who desire to control or manipulate others are irresponsible persons and hence are not desirable participants. Practitioners of Wicca allow others the freedom to think, reason and to be without criticism or restriction. Dogmatic persons are those who have weak minds and wills and who cannot function in a creative manner. They want only for themselves and will not allow any deviation from their limited point of view. This is also undesirable. Further, those who are unwilling to share of their experiences and knowledge are likewise unwilling to allow others to be free and think for themselves. This is limiting and egotistical and unwanted.

The goal is to get those who are of a high standard, who are open minded and refuse to let others tell them how to think, what to think and when to think it. Those who are individuals but can work easily with others not ones who look "different" but ones who are quite self-confident. This is the kind of individual who enjoys personal growth and allows and enjoys watching others grow. It is important that those who choose to become involved are willing to participate with the group and not be one who will consistently be the center of attention. The purpose is not to lose one's self and become a "member" but just the opposite. The work that one does on one's own, the knowledge and wisdom one gains from one's experiences and the sharing of the knowledge and wisdom creates a confident, caring individual who is willing to be him/herself and to share of that selfhood.

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