What is Real Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is as old as man himself. The name originates from the Anglo-Saxon word "Wicca", meaning 'wise ones'. Babetta's philosophy is Witchcraft. Not the witchcraft portrayed in vulgar hollywood productions. Nor the witchcraft falsely defined and persecuted by a repressive 16th century church, or misunderstood by misinformed public. It has nothing to do with the "Devil" or "Satan".

Babetta with crystalball

Babetta's philosophy of witchcraft embodies a concept of peaceful interaction with nature and the higher universal forces. In harmony with the values and wisdom of ancient teachings, receptive to the principles and conclusions of modern science, sensitive to the spiritual needs of mankind. Witchcraft, the oldest religion in the world, is a free and dynamic religion that can unify today's and tomorrow's world. The natural, peaceful, life-affirming philosophy of witchcraft is well equipped to meet the complex problems of the future.

Babetta understands the tremendous power of the subconscious mind, of the inner will, their relationship to the physical world, and how to harmonize and harness these elements. What scientists are defining, para-psychologists and neuro-psychologists are discovering in laboratories today; Babetta and her predecessors have been practicing for centuries.

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