Empower Yourself to Change Your Life

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in "having new eyes." There is a crucial difference between the pleasure of getting something you want and the inner joy that empowers' you to go after it in the first place. The first is an effect, second is the cause.

Babetta in pentagram

This is the emotional ground on which you stand to face the world day in and day out. After being involved in the wicca philosophy for many years, I have observed the many facets of people's desire to study the esoteric arts -- many times for the wrong reasons. Many people live in a very restricted circle of potential being, often because they have accepted a limited vision of what they are capable of. They routinely ignore their strengths and follow their weaknesses. The instinct to do nothing, to stay put, to choose security over challenge, to follow the herd, and to accept the second-rate is often stronger than the drive to truly get the most out of life. Can we achieve our greatest dreams while remaining stress free? It can be a challenge yet I feel this can be achieved. This is why I have put down for you a series of exercises and affirmations to help in changing what most people feel they have no power over.

If there is one greatest tragedy of the human condition, it is to go through life using only a small fraction of your potential power. People don't lack strength they lack will!

The more you learn to cultivate your natural joy, the more energy, enthusiasm creativity, confidence and courage you will find available to you. You will create the life you really want to live. Creating this inner shift to where you want to be in life is an adventure in self discovery and personal transformation.

Babetta in Japan performing a ritual with fire

The First Step
Stop automatically doing the same thing you always do -- and start doing something different. Change your consciousness to change your world. Change your consciousness to change your life. Whatever you seek to change you must begin within your life first. It is more than simply changing your attitudes or adopting a new way of thinking; though that may help. True growth comes from a rebirth of self. You will move to a new level of functioning toward turning your dreams and ideas into a reality in your life.

The Second Step
End depression by eliminating the regrets, resentments and anger which you hide. Living life joyfully is the process by which you will discard what you can't use for new growth. Meditation can give you a needed break from everyday tensions. These needed moments of tranquility are so important for your transformation to take place. It will also awaken the creative side of your consciousness from where all things are possible.

The Third Step
Face your fears. Challenge yourself to solve the situations in life you call problems. Your new relaxed awareness will allow you to discover that they were not problems at all. They were in fact learning opportunities. In many cases what one can't do is based on their inability to try. Give yourself credit, not excuses.

Another exercise that is important is to take your meditation to a totally different environment. I have special places that I go to that are so out of the ordinary that they cannot help but inspire a new beginning type of consciousness for me. Often time I take a friend so we can experience new places of tranquility together. We burn incense and say affirmations for wonderful things to come to pass in our futures, leaving negative aspects of the past behind us...

"My past cannot haunt me."
"I need not apologize for being me."
"I am beautiful and kind so I can be open to new adventures and new friends."

Do not give any attention to negative self-images. Be self inspired to move ahead in life. You will then inspire others by your positive example. Aside from feeling weary, tired persons are often unable to deal effectively with complex problems and tend to be unreasonable about trivialities. This is the reason for meditation, to neutralize the effects of tension. There are numerous approaches to meditation and to discover what works best for you is most important. Generally the most effective times have been found to just after rising, before eating a meal and just before going to bed. Make sure you will nut be disturbed, settle yourself and be comfortable. Relax, close your eyes and begin. The meditative state o f mind will lead you away from what you are doing in the world and the commitments you have. It is vital that you take a total break from your everyday life. Imagine yourself on a vacation floating in your own universe of tranquility. Let not the mundane practicality of our workday life overpower the tender shoots of meditative consciousness. This problem is known as "Leakage" between states of consciousness'. Therefore use this device to prevent this: Before the session make a gesture with the hands as though parting or opening a pair of curtains, and end the session by symbolically closing them. Remember, the most important element in your new way of life is change -- transformation -- towards the new "you" you want to be.

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